NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and looks at the way we think, store and process our thoughts (Neuro), the language we use (Linguistic) and our behaviour's  (programming) and how these interact to have a positive or negative effect on us as individuals and our lives

Your mind is made up of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind (sub conscious as it's sometimes known). Your unconscious mind controls and drives 90% of your beliefs, behaviours and thought patterns. Often when we try to change our behaviour patterns we get frustrated when we fail to achieve what we want.

NLP is a powerful technique where we work with your unconscious mind to clear the negative emotions. limiting beliefs and decisions and any other behaviour patterns that are not serving you in a positive way in your life. This leads to success and results instead of the failure and frustration

Clearing the blocks that you have will leave you feeling empowered and energised to create the life of your dreams and will give you the certainty to know it is possible for you

Time Line Therapy® is part of the NLP process and is widely used around the world. In the UK it forms part of the Warrior program (endorsed by Prince Charles) where they wanted a proven way to remove the negative emotions and traumas from military staff returning from duty

This powerful therapeutic process was developed by Tad James in the 1980's and focuses on the way we store memories in a linear manner in our internal storage system. It is an effective way to create lasting changes and remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Are you ready to be FREE and create lasting changes in your life?