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There’s a lesson to be learnt from every difficult situation and those learnings are where your growth comes from


Sunflower Ventures Coaching  gives you exactly what you want based on the time and the budget you have available. One on one coaching is used in the context of business and personal development to ensure peak perfomance is maintained on a daily basis and clients are achieving their goals. It allows us to fastrack your success. Clients become accountable to their actions which is essential to their success. Coaching is highly recommended for anyone wanting to be free from whatever is holding them back in their life to enable them to live their best life. And for those looking to gain the 2mm edge to separate you from the competition and become an inspired leader in your chosen field. As Tiger Woods said (the man who employs three different coaches to watch him while he swings his club) "I can't see my own swing."

If you are ready to create change then results are guaranteed!



• Motivation • Energy • Weight • Health • Stop Procrastination • Relationships • Career/Job • Fears • Phobias • Stop Smoking • Sleep • Stress • Trauma • Etc •


I create change using very simple but powerful methods: NLP, Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy® Practitioner. With lasting changes on your life



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